Beginning The Writing

A new series for talk, craft, and teaching each other.

Beginning The Writing

Edit: Since introducing this series, I’ve settled on alternating times for this series: 12:00 EST and 20:00 EST for maximum international coverage. :)

Last week, I mentioned that I was named a Substack fellow, resourcing that will enable me to expand The Reading beyond the Sunday advice column.

Part of that fellowship was a session with People & Company led by Kevin Huynh and Bailey Richardson. One point they shared that resonated with me was how community is not one person broadcasting out to a group, but a whole group talking to each other.

When I opened my letterbox in July, I received all kinds of letters that were looking for guidance and help, but some were craft-related, about me, or called for shorter answers than the usual letters I respond to. While I could have answered these myself, I also felt that most of these questions would be richer if answered with more voices and experiences in the fold.

Since starting The Reading and preparing to teach this fall, along with some serious upheavals in the literary world and beyond, I’ve been asking myself how not to recreate the creative writing institutions that have already failed us. I don’t want The Reading to become yet another institution. The Reading is me. I’m also on a journey. Over the years, I’ve grown and changed next to writers who were just as lost and unsure as I was. Writers like you.

So I’d like to introduce The Writing. Every Wednesday, you’ll get a short response or question from me on craft, “the industry,” or your own journey for us to teach each other. I’ll hang out for a bit, answer questions, respond to answers, or simply offer encouraging emojis. This series will kick off its own loop: I’ll be deciding on topics to highlight from our preceding discussions. For now, if you have thoughts or suggestions, I’d love to hear your comments below.

Thank you for reading. I can’t wait to write together.