What is it?

These courses at The Reading are the regular set of synchronous online courses I, Yanyi, offer to the public on poetry writing. It is also a loose consortium of my intellectual, spiritual, and creative community who occasionally offer classes via The Reading. These people have PhDs in the topics they’re teaching or they are long-term practitioners.

In exchange for hosting the classes and making graphics for them, I ask these friends to support the tech platforms, design, and admin for these classes, but otherwise 90% of the fees you pay go to the instructors you are learning from.

As part of this offering, students will be invited to join a private channel on The Reading Discord to continue the conversation beyond the class.

Why do this?

Once upon a time, I was an emerging writer without a literature degree and no plans to study poetry formally. However, I took poetry workshops around New York City for a solid few years and, well, the rest is history. Now a little further along in career, I wanted to create a reliable space to find solid classes again, but this time for writers with multifaceted interests—to expand the idea of what craft should include or mean.

Where are the classes?

You can start exploring offerings by checking out Courses at The Reading.