The Writing: On writing where you are

[W]hat happens when one’s emergency impulse is made the attitude toward life? It involves transfiguring places from what they are into what I want them to solve.

The Writing: On writing where you are

Last week HK and I took an expected-unexpected vacation to Iceland. Expected because we had planned to take a vacation from approximately last week to this week. Unexpected because we had been planning to go to New Mexico, but our unnamed domestic airline decided to cancel all return flights on our intended return date and add two layovers in US cities that are currently Delta hotspots, making the trip not only longer but riskier. Long story short, I planned and booked a completely new vacation in the span of 48 hours.

[Feature photo by Yanyi: Looking above towards a clear blue sky, you watch a puffin fly through the rift between two cliffs of volcanic rock.]

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