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The Writing: How are you writing (or not) this year? How are you?

Last Saturday, my partner and I listened again to our Chani Nicholas horoscopes for 2020. Little did we know in January 2020 what would be in store for us this year.

Thanks to Johanna for today’s question: How are you writing (or not) this year? How are you?

I’ll answer in the comments below and will be here for the next 45 minutes!

– Yanyi

Photo by Getty Images: A building wall with 6 large apartment windows visible, two rows and three across. Another bric, building is visible in the reflection. The bottom left and bottom right windows are open with two figures, one waving and the other sitting out on the window ledge, facing each other.

By next month, I will have moved four times this year. Most of my library, except for one (1!) box is in storage. So: I haven't been writing very much what I thought I would be writing so far in 2020, but I've been doing a lot of unexpected writing, like in this newsletter. But only, really, one poem and a long, undefinable lyric essay on Linda Gregg. The things I was doing in February feel a lifetime away, to put it mildly. I'm feeling cautious and optimistic, dread and joy, discombobulated generally. I made a great olive oil cake. I expect it all of these things to continue (and to change, too).